Medical Centres Renovations

Complete Project Management

MedPros provides complete project management services to ensure quality and reliable renovations are done to your clinic or practice. Through our general contractors, we have the experience to renovate small clinics that are 1,000 sq. ft. to larger medical centre’s up to 50,000 sq. ft. Our process includes supervising the planning, design, and construction phases of the project to ensure the launch of a state-of-the-art medical centre that supports the highest standards of modern patient care.

Architectural Plans

MedPros works with you to determine and craft an architectural plan for your medical center to ensure a smooth construction and renovation process that results in a smart and efficient spatial allocation and a smooth flow of traffic to easily direct healthcare providers and patients to appropriate reception and treatment areas. Architectural plans for medical centres will include:

  • A site plan, key plan, and OBC matrix
  • Analysis of existing floor plan and proposals for revision as you envision a modern, conducive space that supports the delivery of excellent patient care
  • Design of a raised floor plan and ramp detail for accessibility
  • Complete details encoded in notes, legends, and specifications
  • Allocations for interior design and furniture
  • Secure permits to ensure that the entire building is up to code.

Throughout this process, our team also anticipates revisions to the architectural plan and layout as the construction moves farther along and finishing details are added in order to arrive at the modern medical centre you envision. These revisions include:

  • Reflected ceiling plan and lighting specifications
  • Custom millwork design and drawings
  • Specifications of interior finishes and creation of a material board
  • Allocation for plumbing fixtures and accessories, as well as doors, windows, ventilation, and other hardware.

Medical Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment is at the core of every leading medical centre and healthcare. As such, MedPros goes above and beyond what a typical contractor can do — our construction management services take into account specific spatial requirements for storing, placing, and accessing medical equipment essential to patient care.

  • Spatial allocations for medical equipment
  • Inclusion of specific power, water, and ventilation requirement for storage and access to key medical technology
  • Purchasing and delivery of equipment in case of necessary upgrades
  • Installation of equipment and staff training.

Utility Considerations

Operating medical equipment and the medical centre as a whole require utilities. MedPros works with your team in determining electrical, HVAC, and plumbing requirements crucial to operations and treatments and ensuring that these are reflected throughout the planning, design, and construction phases.

  • Inclusion of power and lighting requirements in building layout
  • Creation and implementation of a life safety plan, as coded in legends and specifications in architectural plans
  • Allocation of mechanical considerations.
  • HVAC design to ensure proper temperature control crucial to everyday comfort as well as drug and equipment storage
  • Proper plumbing layout to ensure stable and efficient water supply
  • Proper sprinkler layout for emergency response.

Comfortable and Conducive Clinic Environment

At MedPros, we know that excellent patient care is holistic — that is, the care and comfort provided to patients go beyond their treatments. Holistic healthcare includes establishing a safe and conducive environment that allows patients to receive the treatments they need and heal as comfortably as possible.

  • Visible and accessible reception desk that reflects a welcoming environment upon the first contact
  • Comfortable consultation and treatment rooms that put patients at ease and allow their treatments to proceed effectively and with utmost ease
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and sterilization rooms
  • Conducive private offices for medical professionals and clinic staff
  • Accessible and efficiently organized storage rooms
  • Hospital-grade pharmacies that conform to the highest standards of drug storage
  • Accessible and upgraded washrooms, vanities, and kitchenettes
  • Perfectly-fitting cabinetry and other fixtures that maximize space and productivity.

Glass and Stainless Steel

Glass and stainless steel are typical fixtures in medical centres, and you will want yours to reflect both modern designs and make for easy accessibility. The goal is to utilize the visual impact of glass and stainless steel and promote a smart and modern aesthetic through integrated design elements.

  • Custom glass fixtures, such as frameless doors, sliding doors, and pocket doors
  • Window design and film treatments for both privacy and aesthetic considerations.

Integrated Healthcare Network

Today, healthcare largely depends on state-of-the-art technology; as such, it’s important that your new medical centre is equipped with the latest technology that facilitates recording and storage of patient information and clear communication between and among clinic staff and healthcare providers.

  • Custom IT solutions, including installation and training in your preferred Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and hardware, cabling, and TV monitors
  • Conduct of needs analysis and purchase of upgraded equipment as necessary
  • Staff training for proper and effective use of dedicated computers, printers, modems, patch panels, and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

Building Security

Medical centres need to operate under the most secure conditions possible in order to ensure the safety of staff and patients and the uninterrupted delivery of excellent healthcare. MedPros helps you achieve this by conducting a building security analysis and fortifying your medical centre with security upgrades.

  • Installation and routine testing and upgrades to an integrated security camera and alarm systems
  • Ongoing review and recommendations concerning camera placement
  • Remote or mobile access and control of security cameras and alarms
  • Installation of recording systems for future reference.

Complete Project Financing

At MedPros, our goal is to equip healthcare providers with all the necessary resources for bringing their vision of a modern medical centre to life. This support extends to providing custom-tailored project financing solutions through our network of finance partners, so you can freely envision an upgraded medical centre without being hindered upfront by the cost and financial commitment required to provide leading healthcare.

For more information on construction management services tailored specifically for medical centres, call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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