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Project Management for Dental Clinics

Dental clinics are some of the most frequented medical facilities. Patients of all ages are expected to visit their dentist for routine checkups and cleanings, as well as receive necessary cavity or tooth decay and orthodontic treatment as prescribed.

To support this, MedPros helps dentists envision and build modern dental clinics through a full suite of project management services. These include planning, designing, and constructing dental clinics while acting as the sole point of responsibility to eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and suppliers. Our complete project management services include reviewing plans and blueprints, managing an efficient timetable, accounting for material and labour costs, securing building and health permits, and installing advanced equipment for dental treatments.

Architectural Plans

MedPros works with architects specializing in constructing medical offices to create a unique and modern architectural plan that facilitates a smooth flow of traffic for patients and staff alike and accounts for specialized treatment rooms and placement of advanced equipment.

  • Design of site plan, key plan, and OBC matrix
  • Analysis of existing general and section floor plans against proposed revisions for renovation with key details clearly encoded in notes, legends, and specifications
  • Design of raised floor plan and ramp detail for patient accessibility
  • Allocations for modern and comfortable interior design and furniture for improved patient comfort.
  • Ceiling plan and lighting specifications
  • Custom millwork design
  • Inclusion of plumbing fixtures and accessories, electrical and wiring specifications, and ventilation.

Dental Equipment

From dental chairs to oral imaging technology, and instruments used in routine cleanings, cavity treatments, and tooth extraction, among others, dental equipment is highly specialized. MedPro equips dental clinics with these tools and instruments to ensure the highest standards of patient care, as well as maximum comfort throughout both minor and major treatments.

  • Coordinated purchase, delivery, and installation of dental tools and instruments, as well as sterilization and imaging equipment
  • Staff training to ensure optimal use and long-term function
  • Proper placement to promote an efficient flow of traffic and increased staff productivity
  • Examination of electrical and plumbing requirements for operating specialized tools and instruments.

Utility Considerations

Dental equipment has specific electrical and plumbing requirements in order to function properly and support patient treatment. Outside of these immediate needs, the clinic as a whole also requires high functioning utility services in order to promote a safe and comfortable environment for patients to be treated in.

  • Energy-saving power and lighting layout
  • Implementation of life safety plans in case of emergency
  • Implementation of specific electrical and mechanical safety protocols for operating tools and instruments
  • Custom HVAC design for putting patients at ease
  • Proper plumbing layout for treatment areas requiring a water supply
  • Proper sprinkler layout for emergency response.

Patient Comfort

It’s no secret that many patients experience varying levels of anxiety when visiting the dentist. This is why it’s all the more important to promote patient comfort in the design of a dental clinic and ensure that their treatments can proceed safely and comfortably. We can help you make your practiice a welcoming environment by helping you create:

  • Welcoming reception desk and comfortable waiting areas
  • Compact, efficiently organized, and sanitary treatment rooms that also afford dentists and allied staff ease of access while adhering to safety protocols
  • Professional but comfortable private offices for consultations
  • Modern and accessible washrooms, vanities, and kitchenettes or break rooms
  • Perfectly-fitting cabinetry and storage solutions that afford staff with ease of access to crucial supplies throughout treatments.

Modern Aesthetic

With the fear of the dentist practically universal, it’s essential to communicate a balance of professionalism and patient comfort in the overall design of dental clinics. MedPros works with dentists in creating a unique and identifiable design for their clinic that incorporates the core components of dental care. This balanced and modern design can be achieved with the use of custom glass and stainless steel structures for:

  • Custom glass entry and exit solutions, such as glass doors, frameless enclosures, sliding and pocket doors that balance ease of access for staff with patient privacy
  • Upgraded windows with film treatments that promote privacy while communicating a modern aesthetic.

Tech and Network Upgrades

MedPros equips dental clinics with the latest custom IT solutions for facilitating secure patient and internal team communication, as well as patient information and medical history storage. These IT solutions are deployed to protect the privacy of patients and ensure accurate documentation of their history to promote safe and effective treatment. Our team can help with:

  • Needs analysis and purchase of upgraded IT equipment for communication and information storage
  • Installation of custom clinic management software and corresponding cabling and network requirements to ensure patient confidentiality and centralized staff communication
  • Staff training and ongoing support for the proper use of computers, modems, patch panels, and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

Pharmacy Security

MedPros works with dental clinics to conduct a building security analysis and identify possible internal and external safety threats. Our goal is to promote patient comfort, while protecting state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, and limit access to controlled substances and medications to authorized healthcare professionals only. Based on the results of the analysis, MedPros installs necessary security upgrades to fortify the entire clinic. Our services include:

  • Installation and periodic upgrades to integrated monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras and security alarms
  • Installation of access control mechanisms to dedicated storage rooms for gas, drugs, and other controlled substances and supplies
  • Ongoing review to improve camera and alarm placement, as well as access control mechanisms.
  • Activation of remote and mobile access to security systems.

Project Financing

When you partner with MedPros to bring your vision of leading dental care to life, you can trust our team to help eliminate financial barriers that hinder your success. We work with a trusted network of financing partners to help you fund the construction of your new and advanced dental clinic, and ensure affordable payment terms that you can easily sustain as your investment grows.

For more information on construction project management for dental clinics, call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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