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Key Considerations for Practice Relocation

Relocating a medical practice requires finding a prime, value-adding new location, navigating lease negotiations, and adhering to cost-effective financial practices to secure your long-term investment and life’s work. MedPros helps healthcare providers successfully relocate their practice without causing disruptions to operations and scheduled patient treatments.

  • Location and building accessibility to patients
  • Neighborhood demographics which can translate to prospective patients
  • Affordable lease payments and clear guarantor terms
  • Long-term lease agreement flexibility to accommodate new partners as well as a potential sale in case of retirement
  • Renovation and relocation timetable with little to no operational downtime.

Healthcare Leasing and Relocation Services

MedPros equips healthcare providers with expert industry knowledge and custom-tailored leasing and relocation services. Our healthcare consultants help you maximize the potential of a prime clinic location in reaching out to more patients and generating a steady revenue stream to secure the health of your practice.

Lease Negotiation and Review

MedPros supports healthcare practitioners in scouting prime locations and negotiating a fair, well-structured lease agreement that offers protection from building demolition, undue price hikes, eviction without notice, and damages from external threats.

MedPros carefully reviews the terms of your new lease and acts as a liaison between you and the landlord or leasing company to effectively communicate all your questions, requirements, and renovation requests to make the building up to code and move-in ready. Over the years, our extensive industry expertise has allowed us to effectively identify hidden risks in your lease and reverse these terms in order to promote long-term financial security.

Lease Tracker

MedPros helps you track the progress of your lease and alerts you to the upcoming expiry date. This allows you to get ahead of the renewal process by beginning renegotiations well in advance, providing you ample time to secure a good deal and eliminate the risk of an untimely transfer to a less favourable location if the lease expires without a contingency plan in place.

Advantages of Lease Negotiation Services

Lease negotiation services are designed to protect your practice and long-term investment, beginning with setting up at a prime location. MedPros healthcare consultants utilize strong research and negotiation skills to help you secure the health and longevity of your practice. When you have our team on your side, you can count on us to help you with:

Lease Economics

We’ll carefully analyze and strategically negotiates the financial terms of your lease agreement to ensure continued affordability in both the current and projected economy throughout which the lease is active. We help healthcare providers save millions in relocation expenses and rent every year.

Reducing Threats

Using our unique understanding of medical lease contracts, we help you protect your investment and avoid hidden, unfavourable leasing terms, resulting in reduced risk and exposure.


Our consultants expertly negotiate and finalize a well-structured lease agreement that offers utmost flexibility in personnel and ownership changes and protects you from landlord intrusion.


By trusting MedPros with your lease negotiation requirements, you can save valuable time and focus on doing what you do best — delivering excellent patient care.

The MedPros Difference

As an industry leader in healthcare consulting, MedPros provides medical professionals with unparalleled, custom-tailored support throughout the lease negotiation and relocation process. We work to set up your practice at a prime, high-traffic location and position you in front of a growing number of prospective patients, so you can ensure the health and longevity of your lifelong investment.

Our expert consultants bring unique strengths to the lease negotiation and practice relocation process to foster the growth and stability of your practice.

Review of Assignment Requirements

MedPros consultants carefully comb through the provisions of your lease agreement, eliminating possible hindrances to practice sale or transfer once you transition to retirement.

Review of Financial Obligations

Our team helps you determine the right guarantor for your lease and works to separate your personal and professional financial obligations to safeguard the lease. As well, our team ensures continuity of the lease after a sale or transfer.

Financial Security

Our team also arranges contingency plans concerning the continuity of the lease, such as managing possible financial obligations in case of disability or untimely death while the financial agreement is active.

Unexpected Relocation

With careful review and expert negotiation of lease terms, MedPros works to protect your practice from an untimely or unexpected relocation initiated by the landlord, whether through contract stipulations regarding relocation expenses, or avoidance of the disruption altogether.

For more information on medical lease negotiation and relocation services, call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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