Medical Healthcare Management Services

Healthcare Recruitment

MedPros curates a large and diverse database of healthcare professionals searching for the right placement opportunities in various medical practices, at all levels of experience and employment capacity. Whether your practice requires staff on a temporary, contract, temporary-to-permanent, per-diem, or full-time basis, we can match you with the right talent guaranteed to deliver excellent patient care and support the day-to-day operations of your practice. Read More

Practice & Billing Management

Let MedPros professionally manage your practice while you focus on providing excellent patient care. Our team of professionals understands the various billing and group models, including the Family Health Organization (FHO), Family Health Group (FHG) and Family Health Team (FHT). Read More

Relocate Your Business

Relocating a medical practice requires finding a prime, value-adding new location, navigating lease negotiations, and adhering to cost-effective financial practices to secure your long-term investment and life’s work. MedPros helps healthcare providers successfully relocate their practice without causing disruptions to operations and scheduled patient treatments. MedPros equips healthcare providers with expert industry knowledge and custom-tailored leasing and relocation services. Read More

Retirement Planning

MedPros works with medical professionals who are planning to enter retirement and transition their practice. Our healthcare consultants are dedicated to understanding your goals, evaluating the current state of your practice, and setting up and supervising a smooth practice transition. Read More

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