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But as an independent healthcare provider, is your practice up to par with the latest standards in patient care? Even top-performing physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists need help in looking after the health and performance of their practice to ensure the delivery of excellent patient care.

MedPros provides support to healthcare practitioners at every stage of building an independent practice or innovating on an existing vision. Our goal is to help you focus on providing excellent patient care which can be achieved with the aid of expert consulting services and networking and collaboration opportunities. We help you bring your vision of advanced and integrated rehabilitative care to live through our experience, our long history of maintaining our clients’ trust, and our industry-wide network of healthcare professionals, suppliers, and consultants.

The MedPros Advantage

MedPros provides practitioners with full service, turnkey solutions for managing their practice and expanding to an integrated, multispecialty clinic that caters to a wide range of rehabilitative healthcare needs. Our expert planning and consulting service include:

Needs Analysis

Beginning with a needs analysis, MedPros maps out your vision and goals for setting up an independent practice or expanding it to an integrated, multispecialty clinic.


MedPros helps your team scout and secure a great location for your practice, as well as decide between purchase and lease, and negotiate the acquisition terms.


MedPros helps physical therapists and other rehabilitative care specialists secure key partnerships with physicians, pharmacies, diagnostic imaging centres, dental clinics, optometrists, and other providers to promote an integrated, multispecialty approach to healthcare all in one place.

Floor Planning

Our team helps you plan the layout of your new clinic and allocate a smart and efficient use of space to ensure ample space for rehabilitative care equipment and sessions.


Following the planning, our team supervises full-service renovations to ensure that your new clinic suits the latest standards in patient care and accommodates the use of state-of-the-art rehabilitative equipment. Outside of immediate healthcare requirements, we also stock up your clinic with essential supplies, as well as set up IT and networking systems that suit a modern model of healthcare delivery.

Business Development

To ensure a steady stream of appointments at your rehabilitative care centre, MedPros also helps you examine the business side of running an independent practice. This includes crafting and implementing solid marketing initiatives as KPI development and benchmarking setup, supported by detailed monthly reporting for continuity and growth.

Healthcare Recruitment

The success of your rehabilitative centre and the treatment of patients depend on the skills and experience of your staff. MedPros helps you find, screen, and train top talent, so you can provide excellent patient care as it is envisioned.

Ongoing Management

MedPros provides ongoing management support through consulting services and collaborative and networking opportunities to ensure optimal and integrated patient care across rehabilitative disciplines.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

MedPros works with you to bring your vision for top-performing, state-of-the-art, and integrated rehabilitative healthcare to life. We equip your growing practice with expert consultation and sound advice to help you meet your long-term goals, realize income security, and foster the stable growth of your long-term investment.


Our process starts with a free consultation to understand the current state of your practice and your growth objectives, as well as determine how our turnkey solutions can help you achieve them.

Expert Advice

MedPros offers expert healthcare consulting services that equips you with unbiased advice regarding various options you can avail of to grow your practice.

Security and Growth

with ongoing consultation, our team can direct you towards initiatives that maximize income opportunities, promote security, and realize stable growth of your long-term investment.

Industry Contacts

MedPros works with a wide, trusted network of industry partners to connect you with service providers you can rely on for delivering the right technology and supplies that enable unparalleled patient care and holistic rehabilitative healing.

Financial Stability

MedPros is committed to the financial health of your practice, so you can maximize income opportunities that allow you to continuously deliver excellent patient care and innovate on rehabilitative healthcare practices.

Multi-specialty Approach

MedPros works with all the partners in your practice to develop a strategic multi-specialty approach to rehabilitative healthcare that allows you to increase visibility, boost your reputation, and accommodate more patients.

Additional Income

MedPros helps your practice realize additional income through the collection of rent from collaborative partnerships and a percentage of billings from additional practitioners at the clinic, providing shared-cost support for marketing and advertising initiatives, and other income-generating initiatives to ensure a solid financial footing.

For more information on consulting services tailored specifically for physiotherapy and other rehabilitative healthcare practices, call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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