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Canada’s pharmaceutical industry is an exciting field with a growing number of opportunities. Once you’ve made the decision to work with us, MedPros can help you navigate a range of areas.

Purchasing Services

Unlike residential real estate listings, it can be very difficult to source high-quality medical businesses for sale. MedPros makes it possible to find and connect with pharmacies on the market. Our team can also help you narrow down your location choices to the most promising neighborhoods. Once you’ve found a pharmacy you like, we can help you put together an attractive offer for purchase.


If you’re looking to grow your existing pharmacy, collaboration with other healthcare providers is key. MedPros can help you secure strategic partnerships with qualified medical professionals including physicians, dentists, and physiotherapists. Pharmacies tend to thrive when they’re connected to other healthcare services in one convenient location.

Marketing Initiatives

Attract new patients with a marketing initiative that takes advantage of both digital and direct advertising. From promotional offers to social media campaigns, MedPros can let people know your pharmacy is the best place for all their prescription needs. Our marketing experts can help you identify your target audience, and create an effective strategy to grow your customer base.

Move Planning & Renovation

If you want to relocate your pharmacy, we offer services to ensure your move is efficient. The transfer of pharmaceutical goods is a sensitive process; from transportation logistics to inventory management, MedPros can help you meet all healthcare regulations. And when it comes to renovating your new space, we’ll ensure all improvements are in line with municipal code. Our professionals can also deal with city inspectors and contractors on your behalf, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Hiring & Training of New Staff

From pharmacy assistants to sales associates, pharmacies require a diverse range of staff for day-to-day operations. MedPros has the recruitment expertise to help you hire new employees or overhaul the existing organizational structure. Whether you’re looking to cut down on human capital or facilitate a transfer of management, you can rely on us for HR expertise.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Trust MedPros to help you achieve your long-term professional goals. With our valuable experience in Ontario’s pharmaceutical industry, we can help you succeed in this innovative field. Discover additional sources of revenue, grow your customer base and secure partnerships with other valuable healthcare professionals.

A needs analysis is key to discovering your full potential, and we’re happy to offer you a free consultation. Together, we can better understand what you want from your medical business, and how we can turn your vision into a reality.

For more information about buying or selling a pharmacy or a free, no obligation review call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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