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What We Offer

MedPros bridges the gap between doctors providing medical care and doctors desire to own and succeed in business. From securing partnerships to building multi-disciplinary practices, we can help you succeed without any upfront or ongoing costs to you.

Here’s what our team can offer:

  • Full end-to-end turnkey operation, no matter how big or small your vision is
  • Deliver all of our services at no cost to you
  • Valuable industry partnerships and collaborations
  • Opportunity to create additional revenue streams, beyond your OHIP billings
  • Long-term stability and success

Did you know that we are the only company in Ontario that provides a one-stop turnkey solution for all of our clients. Put your trust in MedPros. We have the experience, industry contacts, passion and the know-how to help you thrive in your new medical business venture.

Needs Analysis

Defining your vision and goals is key to focusing your efforts and results in an upward trajectory. Whether you’re looking to start your own independent practice in a local community, or have ambitions to own and manage a large multi-disciplinary medical centre, a needs analysis can help us understand where you want to be now and in future.

Location Sourcing

Finding the perfect location can be the single most important decision you’ll make. Good locations are not easy to come by in today’s competitive market. In most cases, the ‘Triple A’ retail locations get secured before coming on the market. This is where we come in. MedPros works directly with dozens of developers, landlords and top boutique location agents who have access to exclusive locations well before they hit the open market. This provides a huge competitive advantage and sets you up for immediate success.When searching for the ideal location, we consider factors such as:

  • Location setting (plaza, shopping centre, building, etc.)
  • Who, if any, are the key anchor tenants (traffic draw analysis)
  • Geographic area (population density, residential vs commercial proximity, etc.)
  • Thorough competitive analysis
  • Parking and accessibility
  • Future sustainability and scalability
  • Market trends in immediate area
  • Rental rates

Partnerships & Collaborations

Medical centres thrive when they offer patients a variety of services in one convenient location. MedPros can help you secure a multitude of strategic healthcare partnerships, including adding additional physicians, pharmacy, rehab and physiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, dentistry, optometry and various other medical specialists.

Renovation & Floor Space Planning

Once we’ve secured the perfect location, it’s time to renovate. We use high quality, cost-effective and licensed contractors who have successfully completed dozens of small and large medical projects for us. Our contractors will ensure you get the look and feel you want, without compromise. Our renovation team handles all aspects of the renovation process, including floor planning, architectural drawings, renovations, building permits and inspections.

Hiring & Training of New Staff

Having the right staff, trained in the right areas, with the right type of experience can make a huge difference. MedPros has a large pool of experienced medical staff throughout Ontario, all of which have specific experience in healthcare. Whether hiring an experienced receptionist, nurse or office manager, you can count on MedPros to find the perfect persons. MedPros also offers staffing and staff management services.

Marketing Plan

Maximize profitability by launching a marketing initiative to attract new patients. From expert web design to innovative direct mailing campaigns, allow MedPros to get the word out about your medical centre. Our experts can help you identify your audience, and create a marketing plan that speaks to your target demographic.

Clinic Setup

When setting up a clinic, there are a lot of moving pieces. MedPros provides full clinic setup services including:

  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Lab collection service
  • Vaccines and other special services
  • Setup and configuration of your EMR (electronic medical records) system
  • Telecommunications system
  • Computers, IT, networking, and more!

Through exclusive corporate accounts and partnership discount programs with our suppliers, we receive considerable discounts.

Project Tracking

MedPros creates a detailed project management plan which itemizes all of the tasks and deliverables of effectively managing the project and ensuring its on-time completion. This approach ensures there are no hidden surprises along the way and also ensures we stay on budget.

Support & Management

Once the project is completed, many doctors or owners use MedPros to help them manage their business. In such cases, MedPros takes the responsibility for managing all the day-to-day activities of the business including staff management, payroll, marketing, EMR management, billing submissions, supplies management, training and so on. Each month we provide various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports to the doctor or owner to help them better understand the performance of their business.

MedPros would be happy to offer you a free consultation. Together, we can better understand where your practice is at today — and where you like it to be tomorrow. For more information about maximizing your clinic’s potential or a free, no obligation review, call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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