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MedPros has years of experience facilitating the purchase, sale, and transfer of IHF licenses in Ontario. Our team knows how to navigate regulations set by the Ministry of Health,  as well as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. With our expert understanding of the province’s healthcare system, we can navigate this complex bureaucracy on your behalf.

Aside from helping you buy or sell IHF licenses, MedPros can also help you:

  • Valuate a diagnostics business and assess its license market value
  • Relocate an existing clinic and ensure your new location is up to code
  • Create a marketing strategy to help you grow your business
  • Maximize profitability by securing partnerships with other healthcare providers

Selling Your Business

From our initial meeting to the final sales agreement, MedPros will be with you every step of the way when selling your diagnostic imaging business. Placing a dollar value on your business requires a thorough understanding of the industry. We have helped purchase, sell and relocate many IHF licenses and business over the years. Our team has expert knowledge in all areas including:

  • Assessing the value of your IHF license and each modality
  • Reviewing your financials, including professional and technical billings and placing a fair market value on your business
  • Assessing the value of your diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Knowing what other similar licenses and businesses sold for in the past
  • Using our private networks to market your listing to the right audience
  • Managing offers and negotiating with interested buyers
  • Helping buyers obtain a bank loan or secure funding to purchase your business
  • Managing the transitional period upon closing; includes transferring IHF licenses, software agreements, and any other contracts to the new owner

Don’t trust your practice with just any real estate agent; choose MedPros, because we specialize in the sale of diagnostic imaging clinics. Rely on the experts to guide you through the unique challenges associated with selling a medical business in Canada.

Buying a Business

From ultrasound labs to fertility clinics, the diagnostics imaging industry presents many exciting opportunities. If you’re interested in acquiring such a business, we can show you what’s available on the market today. Business valuation is key so that you know you’re not overpaying for a practice. MedPros can also help you review a number of factors, including location and market segment before you make your final decision.

We can also help with:

  • All of the paperwork and applications, including the IHF transfer and relocation applications
  • Secure purchase financing or additional investments from outside partners
  • Equipment inspections and asset valuations
  • Hiring new staff or reorganizing the business’ current management structure

MedPros is committed to staying with you throughout the entire buying process. For those interested in relocating the business after purchase, our team can assist with that too. Not only will we help you find a suitable location, but we’ll ensure it’s up to code and that the proposed site is approved by the Ministry of Health. Move-planning and renovation services are some of our other areas of expertise — so you won’t have to look elsewhere for help during this significant transaction.

The MedPros Advantage

MedPros bridges the gap between business innovation and high-quality care. We are the only company in Ontario that offers a one-stop turnkey solution to help medical professionals and investors prosper in Canada’s healthcare industry.

Defining your vision and goals is key to ensuring successful results. Whether you’re looking to grow your radiology practice or require funding for nuclear medicine research, a simple needs analysis can help us understand what you want for your business.

Our team would be pleased to offer you a free consultation to learn where you are today — and where you’d like to be tomorrow. We promise to offer unbiased advice and present you with the best options available. Rely on MedPros to secure additional income and maintain growth in your long-term investment.

For more information on diagnostic imaging clinics or a free, no obligation review call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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