MedPros works with a large trusted network of real estate developers and landlords to help dentists find prime locations for setting up highly visible and accessible dental clinics. Our position as a healthcare consulting industry leader also provides us access to specific sites developed for healthcare practices like dental clinics and managed by reputable landlords and leasing companies. With our expert consulting services tailored according to the specific requirements of the dental industry, we can help dentists realize their vision of expanding their practice to a multi-specialty dental and medical clinics through collaborative partnerships. MedPros helps dental practitioners achieve this through years of experience, an impeccable reputation for inspiring clients’ trust, and a valuable network of industry contacts that facilitates multi-specialty collaborations.

Why MedPros?

MedPros equips dentists with full-service, turnkey solutions for expanding their practice to a multi-specialty clinic that adopts an integrated, collaborative approach to healthcare. Our services are designed to help you from beginning to end.

A Needs Analysis

Our process begins with a needs analysis to set the benchmark for operations to determine the necessary steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal of setting up a multi-specialty clinic.

Finding the Right Location

We understand that the dental industry is saturated, and getting in front of patients comes down to finding the right location for setting up a top-performing practice. Our team helps you secure a great location for your multi-specialty dental clinic, weigh the pros and cons of a long-term lease and outright purchase, and negotiate highly satisfactory acquisition terms.

Fostering Partnerships

Our trusted network of industry partners provide dental practitioners with collaborative opportunities which enable the expansion of a dental clinic to an integrated, multi-specialty medical practice.

Floor Planning

Our team utilizes unique strength in creating an efficient floor plan that promotes a smart use of prime real estate that allows you to move through the clinic and access crucial dental equipment with the utmost ease.

Setup: MedPros supervises full-service renovation and construction of multi-specialty dental clinics to ensure that these are up to code and suit the latest standards in patient care. Our team also ensures that your practice is equipped with resources for clinic management, such as essential supplies and IT and networking systems, which help to promote modern, state-of-the-art dental care.

Business Development

MedPros understands that a successful independent practice requires a profitable business model. Our efforts to implement solid marketing initiatives, such as KPI development and benchmarking setup, as well as detailed monthly reporting are aimed at ensuring a steady stream of new and returning patients for growth and stability.

Healthcare Recruitment

Bright, healthy smiles are only possible at the hands of the best dental practitioners in town. MedPros helps you staff your multi-specialty dental clinic with highly trained and experienced medical professionals, as they are your partners in providing unparalleled patient care.

Management Support

MedPros provides dental clinics with ongoing support through reliable consulting services and collaborative and networking opportunities. These turnkey solutions are designed to ensure optimal and integrated patient care beginning with oral health and in partnership with other medical fields.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

MedPros works with dentists like you who endeavor to provide leading dental care and ensure the overall health of patients through collaborations with other medical professionals in multi-specialty healthcare practice. We offer expert consultation and sound advice geared towards helping to achieve your long-term goals, including income security and stable growth of your career investment. Our goal is to look after the business development initiatives of your multi-specialty dental clinic, so you can focus on doing what you do best — providing excellent dental care and innovating on the next generation of oral health practices.

Here’s what you can expect from the professionals at MedPros:


MedPros offers a free consultation to set an operational benchmark and determine how turnkey solutions can help you achieve the growth objectives you hope to achieve in expanding your dental clinic.

Expert Advice

At MedPros, we pride ourselves in offering unbiased advice that allows you to explore all the options available to you for growing your dental practice. Our mission is to provide leading consulting services that help you realize your vision of state-of-the-art dental and medical care.

Growth and Security

Our ongoing consulting services are aimed at helping you maximize income opportunities, achieve financial security, and foster stable growth of your long-term investment.

Security and Growth

With ongoing consultation, our team can direct you towards initiatives that maximize income opportunities, promote security, and realize stable growth of your long-term investment.

Collaborative Opportunities

MedPros has built a large network of industry partners with whom we connect dental practitioners at the cusp of growing their practice. These include reliable service providers who craft and deliver the right technology and supplies for supporting patient care.

Financial Stability

MedPros aims to secure the financial health of your practice, allowing you to realize income security that funds long-lasting delivery of excellent patient care and opportunities for innovating on dental care practices. We can help you:

Develop a Multi-Specialty Strategy

MedPros works with your team to develop a multi-specialty strategy that allows you to be at the forefront of leading dental care, while expanding to partnerships with other medical professionals. The result is integrated healthcare that caters to a wider range of patients, all in one place.

Identify Income Opportunities

MedPros helps you maximize income opportunities by tapping into other sources of revenue, such as rent collection from collaborative partnerships, allocation of a certain percentage of billing from additional practitioners to the main revenue stream, and providing shared-cost support for marketing and advertising to increase visibility and connect with prospective patients.

For more information on consulting services tailored specifically for multi-specialty dental clinics, call MedPros at 416-479-0077 or contact us here.

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