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MedPros provides a wide range of custom-tailored solutions for healthcare providers aimed at improving the delivery of excellent patient care. Our team of experienced healthcare consultants work with you to bring your vision of integrated medical care to life. Whether you’re looking to start your own multi-disciplinary clinic, partner with other healthcare professionals, have your practice professionally managed, relocate, purchase or sell your clinic, or anything in-between, we are here to help!

Medical Centres For Doctors

Are you a doctor looking to own your own medical centre and thrive? MedPros can help.We help doctors establish small primary care practices to large medical centres for free. Doctors enjoy no upfront capital costs, no fees and no rent. Read More


Are you a pharmacist looking start a pharmacy with doctors? Are you trying to buy an established profitable pharmacy in Ontario? Whatever your goal is, you can trust the experts at MedPros. Read More

Diagnostic Imaging

MedPros has expert knowledge and years of experience facilitating the purchase, sale, and transfer of diagnostic imaging IHF licenses in Ontario. Our team knows how to navigate all of thegovernment regulations, and set you up for success. Read More

Physio & Rehab

MedPros helps rehab practitioners start-up new practices, buy and sell existing practices and collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals in multi-specialty medical centres in Ontario. Read More


MedPros works with a large trusted network of real estate developers and landlords to help dentists find prime locations for setting up highly visible and accessible dental clinics. Read More

Healthcare Listings

Project Collaboration

MedPros connects healthcare providers who share the same vision of providing excellent patient care with a desire to succeed. Our strategic healthcare networks unlock partnership opportunities that support innovation and collaboration among a diverse range of healthcare disciplines, and empower you to expand your practice within a multi-specialty centre that makes medical treatments and care accessible to every patient, all in one place.
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Buying & Selling Services

Buy a Medical Business


Management Services

Healthcare Recruitment

MedPros curates a large and diverse database of healthcare professionals locally and internationally searching for the right placement opportunities in various medical practices. Read More

Relocate Your Business

Relocating your business requires finding a prime, value-adding location, navigating lease negotiations and understanding the costs involved. Read More

Retirement Planning

MedPros works with medical professionals who are planning to enter retirement and transition their practice. Read More

About Us

MedPros is Ontario’s largest strategic medical consulting and management company. Our suite of healthcare business services are unmatched in the industry. Our core healthcare services include: buying and selling, establishment of new clinics, clinic management, strategic marketing and business development, physician and practitioner recruitment and clinic renovations.

Who Is Medpros

We are the people medical professionals and investors come to for medical management help. What makes us successful is that we love what we do, and we do what we love. We live and breathe healthcare and we are the only company in Ontario that provides a total one-stop turnkey solution to our clients.

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“Hard-working, knowledgeable and delivered as promised. Wound not have had a successful result without them. Money well spent.”
Lorne Langer
“Dealing with Medpros was a pleasure, knowledgeable and efficient, and taking you through the steps of acquisition/purchase and transitioning consistently and with incredible care.”
Ahmad Khan
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